Affordable driving lessons in Coffs Harbour

1 hour lesson = 3 logbook hours



Learning to driving with Harbourside Driving School is easy and affordable.

We offer flexible hours to suit your schedule and can pick up and drop off at your choice of location within our local area.


Single lessons

3 Lesson Package

5 Lesson Package

Warm up and Test Package

Book a single lesson to get you started or refresh your knowledge and skills.

A 1 hour lesson starts from $70, or if you’d like more time, book a 1.5 hour lesson starting from $95 or 2 hours starting from $130


Add 9 hours to your logbook with a 3 lesson package or add 15 hours to your logbook with a 5 lesson package.

A 1 hour lesson with us = 3 logbook hours.

You’ll have the option of a manual or automatic car, with dual pedal control.


You’ll have the option of a manual or automatic car, with dual pedal control.

Feel calm and confident before your driving test. Our Warm up and Test Package includes a 1 hour warm-up lesson before your test and the use of our car for your test.



Should I learn in a manual or auto?

A lot of people are unsure about whether they should learn to drive in an automatic or manual vehicle. The choice is yours when you have driving lessons with Harbourside Driving School. We have clean, fully-insured, well-maintained vehicles, fitted with dual-control pedals so the instructor can stop the vehicle if necessary. You also have the option of starting in the automatic and switching to the manual once you feel more confident.

While learning to drive an automatic is simpler and can certainly help learners build their confidence, there are benefits to learning to drive in a manual.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Personal preference

  • What type of vehicle is available for you to practice in at home

  • If you get your NSW licence in an automatic, you need to pass another driving test to drive a manual

  • If you pass your driving test in a manual, you have the option to drive an auto or manual

  • Might you need to drive a manual as part of your job?

Learning to drive a manual vehicle can take a little longer to master, but our students find it worth the effort in the long run.

If you’re not sure about the right choice for you, we’d be happy to have a chat and help you decide the best option.